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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Golf Noir

The image below was supposed to resemble a still shot from a B&W thriller. I chose the absurd arctic weather "mouse boots" deliberately as a prop to make the subcontext more bizarre. I still have to laugh when I look at that picture, and I wonder what the casual observer may have thought when passing by while I was doing that shoot.

If you look closely, you can see high power voltage lines that look like a marionette's strings. The inclusion of those wires was not part of my original idea for the image, but it was something I incorporated on location as a useful element: free will versus compulsion.

Normally I don't show the second picture, because some people might find it disturbing and offensive, although, in my opinion, the first image does a fine job at being disturbing already!

These images were taken in the Marin Headlands in Marin County, CA.

No models were harmed in the making of these images!



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